Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment

Consumer facing quoting, binding, issuing, fulfilment and payment processing with account management and marketing functionality


InsurIQ has build a user-friendly online sales/enrollment tool that can be utilized directly by the consumer or agent assisted. InsurIQ’s Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment (DISE) offers companies:

  • Intuitive real-time rate, quote, bind, issue, fulfilment and payment processing
  • Single product or custom inventory of insurance and non-insurance (shopping cart) option functionality
  • Guaranteed and simplified Issue as well as fully underwritten product agnostic capability
  • Best practices customer privacy and security


  • White-label logo branding and styling to match agency or carrier preferences
  • Accessibility for consumer, agent and carrier
  • Plan documents (membership cards, policies, claim forms available in a secure digital environment)
  • Complete lifecycle support from marketing to sale to reporting

Rules-based system can support multiple products

Built-in agent sales and marketing tools

Web and mobile accessibility

Secure PCI compliant payment gateway

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